Accelerate Your Time To Value For Healthcare Data Management Initiatives
With Fusion Health Advantage®

Clinical Quality of Care

Gain insight into inpatient and outpatient metrics. Enable staff to assess cost, risk and quality of care.

Operational Efficiency

Improve accuracy and simplify reporting with event based model throughput, percent and time metrics.

Revenue Cycle

Reduce billing errors & improve coding quality with encounter based hospital and physician billing analytics.

Health Information

Ensure population health with a multi-point patient view integrating medical records and chart tracking.

Nursing Efficiency

Empower Nursing managers with mobile enabled quality, staff productivity and efficiency metrics & analysis.

We Deliver Innovative Solutions Derived From Cogent Thought, Deep Industry Expertise, And Award-Winning Technological Leadership.

Thought Leadership • Best Practices • Proven Results

Our thought leadership is based on consulting with hundreds of clients including Fortune 100/500 organizations and over eight industries ranging from healthcare to financial services.  

This broad breadth of expertise enables you to direct your data decision-making in the context of dynamic successes derived from diverse implementation contexts.

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I work closely with physicians to design highly clinical solutions that leverage data and technology. My interest is in developing strategies to discover rapid ROI, while still building a firm foundation for a long-lasting enterprise data warehouse solution.“

- James P. McGlothlin, PhD
Chief Architect
Healthcare and Practice Lead
Fusion Consulting