Fusion QuickStart and Migration for SAP BusinessObjects 4.2

Ensure Success with our rapid SAP Business Objects New Implementation and Migration Offerings supported by solid experience and utilization of industry best practice approach.

Fusion Consulting is a national, high growth, award winning, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Consulting Services firm and an SAP Gold level partner. Deeply experienced with the full stack of tools from SAP BusinessObjects, our ‘senior’ only specialist team predate many of the tools available and can provide academic standard business intelligence services, and are truly business process focused, cross industry.

“As the leading SAP BusinessObjects partner in North America by category, we have further been recognized for the quality of our work and have many clients deploying/working with Business Objects, to business user benefit and bottom line company value.”


Why Fusion QuickStart?

Our SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart – Time and Materials Offering is the easiest, quickest, and most-effective way for you to accelerate your SAP BusinessObjects Deployment without the hassle of researching options.

Why spend the time combing through SAP BOE documentation and webpages trying to figure out what applies to you?

Let the experts help you plan for your upgrade or migration.

Fusion Consulting has successfully assisted customers for years with its customized SAP BusinessObjects HealthCheck, QuickStart Implementation and Migration Packages; to help you avoid the common pitfalls associated with initial BI deployments.

We will guide you through and provide mentoring to end-users, developers and administrators to enable them to access, analyze, and share data quickly using the Business Intelligence (BI) solutions from SAP BusinessObjects.

With the enhancement in the 4.2 stack you will inherit the ability to remove the previous upgrade barriers with the improved upgrade process resulting in less downtime for patch upgrades.

Fusion will ensure you have a working system that is ready to use—allowing your organization, partners and customers to begin using information more productively.

Let us help you leverage your investment to its full capacity.

Get Started Today

QuickStart Offerings – Time and Materials Package Inclusions:

New Implementation includes (2 weeks):

  • Initial sizing
  • Installation / configuration of up to 2 BOE environments
    • Development
    • Production
  • Go-Live Plan
  • Project Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions

Migration includes (Time & Materials):

  • BOE System assessment
  • Installation of BOE on Server
  • Content Analysis
  • Migration using the Upgrade Management Tool
  • Go-Live Plan
  • Project Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions

Additional Deliverables that you can expect with our QuickStart Offerings:

  • Pre-implementation checklist/Planning Sessions
  • Server Sizing
  • Active Directory (AD) authentication configuration

Customized Project Documentation:

  • Run Guide
  • Application Installation
  • Tools Configuration
  • Intro to BILaunchpad training
  • Basic Administration training
  • Promotion Management training