Asset Management

Asset Management Analytics

Business executives and operational leaders need access and insight into organizational data to be effective. When considering planning, building or commissioning assets – your organization stands to become more efficient and competitive by leveraging internal data.
So What’s The Challenge? All too often enterprises and mid-market companies alike are frustrated by systems and applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), custom built solutions and proprietary sources of data that effectively support the processes of the organization but do not easily yield insight into the information they contain. Workarounds involve manual effort and heavy use of Excel to integrate, associate and analyze the data. As a result the organization struggles to be proactive while the available tools and technology inhibit their effectiveness at the task in hand. The leadership team is also affected, as they cannot easily gain the understanding they need to provide direction and support to their staff. Additionally the organization becomes dependent on a small number of staff that effectively become the ‘data gurus’ or ‘report generation center.’ This small staff is often so busy with requests for analysis and reports that inevitable delays occur – allowing competitors to gain an advantage.

How Asset Management Analytics Solutions Change The Game Of Business

For these reasons and more organizations and Real Estate Investment Trusts are selecting Fusion’s Asset Management Analytics solution, leveraging SAP Business Objects software, to more effectively support the business and provide for an easier, more self service approach for reporting and analysis.

Fusions Asset Management Analytics solution enables organizations to take advantage of:

    • Align capital projects with company strategy
    • Manage capital projects in an integrated manner
    • Plan and build critical assets in a transparent, timely and cost effective manner
    • Ability to create on-click investment cash-flow models
    • Provide for analytics to help in impact analysis
    • Avoid risks and minimize negative impact of operational failures and delays

REIT Specific Analytics:

    • Occupancy Analysis for better projections and property operations
    • Help forecast and align regions and sales team to align with business reporting
    • Provide for quicker close of operational and financial close
    • 360 analysis of Property Management, Operations, Accounting, Budgeting/ Forecasting and Sales information

Visualize Information For Critical Decision Making – Gain The Competitive Advantage You Want!

Fusion’s Asset Management Analytics solution includes:

    • Dashboards and Reports showing asset performance
    • Scorecards measuring
    • Strategy maps customized to reflect specific goals, and related business areas which must be in alignment.
    • Individual drill down visualization can help executives identify why goals are not being met in real-time.
The Fusion data model, metric framework and connectors, are customized to draw from any source of data in the organization including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and their related underlying information management systems such as; Oracle, SAP Financials, JDE and others.

Real Estate Customer Success - New York Real Estate Company

Our NY Client, a publicly-traded real estate investment trust (REIT), is the nation's largest owner and operator of neighborhood and community shopping centers with interests in more than 1,945 properties comprising 182 million square feet of leasable space across 45 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru. Since incorporation in 1966, the Company has specialized in the acquisition, development and management of well-located shopping centers with superior growth potential.