About Us

Proven Business Intelligence & Big Data Excellence

Since 2006, Fusion Consulting has brought business intelligence and data warehouse solutions to the marketplace as an award winning SAP Gold Partner and Cisco Preferred Partner. Over the years, our firm has been selected by numerous organizations and Fortune 500 enterprises in various industries, where we have delivered over 300 successful data management solutions.

Thought Leadership Recognized By SAP® & SAP Labs

We believe in truly delivering value to clients, not just technology. To do so, we strive to innovate beyond the basics of implementation by creating unique ways to make data more effective within the enterprise.

Our commitment to data management excellence has led us to be the only SAP Partner to have had multiple contracts with SAP Labs, assisting SAP in developing new Business Objects products. We were also awarded the leading SAP BusinessObjects partner in North America by category, as a result of our thought leadership and expertise.

Why Choose Fusion Consulting? For Big Data Know How

There are five pillars we stand on as a professional consulting organization.

  1. Active, transparent and customer-driven professionalism to ensure your KPI’s are served and business value is delivered
  2. Innovative engineering to leverage knowledge from every engagement for each client
  3. Dedication to continuing education and professional development to ensure up-to-date expertise and technical know how
  4. Commitment to excellence in program management and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction
  5. Professional leadership to ensure ongoing success and reliability of our firm for your service

These pillars support and guide all of our work with every executive we serve. Let us show you how.