Solution Briefs


Solution Briefs

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Fusion Health Advantage® Healthcare Data Management Accelerator Platform

Fusion Health Advantage® is a platform comprised of pre-built data models designed to accelerate the time to value for data management projects related to the specific needs of healthcare organizations associated with reporting deadlines and regulatory changes like PQRS Stage 1 and Stage 2, CMS and more. Fusion Health Advantage enables your healthcare organization to leverage the proven learnings from working with hundreds of healthcare organizations.

Clinical Quality of Care Mode

This set of pre-built data models enables your healthcare organization to control costs by enabling you to standardize pay for performance metrics, eliminate data silos and more.


Fusion Health Advantage® Operational Efficiency

Improve your operational analytics with clinical quality metrics leading to relevant clinical quality insights inclusive of the entire spectrum of the organization for use by analysts to executive level decision makers.


Fusion Health Advantage® Payor Analytics

Reduce risk and solve new business reporting needs due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – while accelerating time to value with our pre-built data models for operational, financial and clinical analytics.


Fusion's Blood Utilization Analytics

Fusion's solution is able to optimize appropriate blood products utilization across your organization based on orders, scans, results, labs and clinical documentation. This leads to improvement in clinical efficacy, reduced hospital acquired infections, cost and length of stay.


Fusion's POKE-R Analytics

Prevent Pain and Organisms from Skin and Catheter Entry and Radiology. POKE-R events increase risk of hospital acquired infections and anemia. As a result, this has adverse effects on Length of Stay and increased readmissions. All POKE-R events may not be clinically required, cost of care increases and quality of care is impacted. Pediatric patients are especially vulnerable to blood loss (anemia) and radiation.


Fusion's Talent Management Analytics

Manage nurse turnover & compliance. Identify & evaluate projects to help align initiatives such as nursing, quality & hospital operations.


Fusion's Emergency Department Efficiency Analytics

Effective time management of Hospitals and Systems is a challenge for many departments. Emergency departments in particular have been known for long wait times which can create a wide range of problems. Our solution is built to reduce time while improving quality. In the emergency department, seconds can save lives, so speed and efficiency are paramount.


Fusion's Congestive Heart Failure Analytics

Improving the quality of timely medical interventions associated with CHF exacerbation can improve patient outcomes. This solution utilizes analytics to actually affect patient quality of care and clinical outcomes. It enables the business and clinicians to access appropriate information at appropriate times resulting in reductions in CHF mortality, length of stay, and administration improvements to timely measurements and follow-up appointments.


Fusion's Critical Care Analytics

Our solution utilizes several reports giving insight into patient's condition and the steps taken to manage their health. Time from ED Admission to ICU Admission. Our solution's reporting also display various cost data such as 30 day total costs and medicare free days. ICU Admissions, Readmissions, Length of Stay, as well as adjusted reports are also available.

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Fusion's Cost Analytics

Integrate decision support cost information. Only with data can health systems fully understand costs and identify areas of overspending.


Fusion's Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Analytics

Improve results and cost savings with our COPD solution. Our solution helps support clinicians to manage COPD patient populations by providing analytics around preventative care and treatment of COPD.


Fusion's Adult Sepsis Analytics

Improve clinician behavior and patient outcomes with our sepsis solution. This sepsis analytic clinical program will provide the necessary data elements clinically recommended to identify and treat severe sepsis and septic shock.


Fusion's Ambulatory Quality Analytics

Improve the safety and quality of Ambulatory healthcare. Our Ambulatory care solution focuses on two main areas of Ambulatory quality. Population Management or Preventative Care Management and Chronic Disease Management are the focal point of Fusion’s Ambulatory care analytic solutions. Data, strategy, and collaboration are key to improving the efficacy of care provided to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of managing large patient populations.