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Blood Utilization - Use Case

In this use case, we explain how Fusion Consulting helped our client successfully turn data analytics for Clinical Quality – Blood Utilization into a strategic asset through the identification of targeted clinical programs and clinical events that affect quality care delivery. We demonstrated our expertise by utilizing an enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence tools to improve clinical outcomes for those most vulnerable patients who are at high risk of developing an infection due to blood transfusions.

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POKE-R - Use Case

This use case provides insight into how Fusion Consulting helped our client reduce such events when they are not clinically required. We identified hospital-acquired infections as a key clinical event that affect clinical outcomes. To address hospital-acquired infections, we created an analytic program called Prevent Pain and Organisms from sKin and catheter Entry and Radiology (POKE-R).

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Sepsis - Use Case

This use case focuses on how Fusion Consulting guided our client to successfully utilize analytics to actually affect patient quality of care and clinical outcomes. Enablement was priority for the business and clinicians to access appropriate information at appropriate times to accurately identify those clinical areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement. We did this in part by developing work groups where quality clinicians worked with the business intelligence team to develop analytics for each targeted clinical program such as Sepsis.

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Congestive Heart Failure - Use Case

This use case focuses on how Fusion Consulting built and implemented an EHR data warehouse solution and extended it to become a true enterprise data warehouse for an Academic University Health System, to address and improve patient outcomes related to clinical programs such as Congestive Heart Failure.


Forrester Wave™ – In Memory Database Platforms, Q3 2015

The in-memory database platform represents a new space within the broader data management market. Enterprise architecture (EA) professionals invest in in-memory database platforms to support real-time analytics and extreme transactions in the face of unpredictable mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and web workloads. Application developers use them to build new applications that deliver performance and responsiveness at the fastest possible speed.


SAP Business Objects Product Brief 2015

SAP solutions empower decision makers with easy access to the business intelligence (BI) they need to make faster, more informed decisions. With one suite for all insights, businesses can support a high standard for enterprise BI. As a result, organizations can boost their collective IQ by giving all users information that can help them become more effective in everything they do.


Tap Into Big Data: A Simpler, More Affordable Approach To Big Data Analytics

In an effort to address the demands for instant answers and deep analytics, today’s IT landscapes have become incredibly complex. Traditional computing systems are proving unable to keep up with the explosive growth in the volume and variety of data. You need a simpler, more affordable approach to unlock the value of all your information for competitive advantage.


IT Simplification With SAP HANA®

This is an excellent overivew explaining the inherent benefits to implementing updated hardware to: 1. Achieve simplicity with new technologies that help dramatically streamline and even replace complex, expensive IT architectures, 2. Uncover value with real-time, ad hoc, self-service, and deep granular analytics for better decision making, 3. Enable breakthroughs that let you reimagine the ways you run your business.


Overcoming Barriers To Data Virtualization Adoption

The challenges of data management are getting exponentially harder. With the ever-increasing quantities, sources, and structures of data – as well as the insurgence of new tools and techniques for storing, analyzing, and deriving deeper insights from this information – data-driven companies continue to evaluate and explore data management technologies that better integrate, consolidate, and unify data in a way that offers tangible business value.


Cisco Data Virtualization – Optimized

Optimize Data Access and Storage with Data Virtualization. Cisco® Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy for you to access data, no matter where it resides. By providing a unified view of business data, you can increase value from your network.


Projected Cost Analysis of SAP HANA® Platform

This is a great document for systematically reviewing the cost savings from moving to a more modern SAP HANA platform. It overviews SAP’s commission of Forrester Consulting to conduct a cost-based analysis, utilizing the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology, and examine the potential cost savings and reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) that enterprises may realize by deploying the SAP HANA platform. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the SAP HANA platform on their organizations, purely from the perspective of IT costs and cost reductions.


Cisco Information Server 7.0

The Cisco® Data Virtualization Suite is data integration software that makes your enterprise a more agile business. It lets you quickly build logical business views of data scattered throughout your enterprise and delivers greater insight into your organization. Cisco increases the value of your network and other IT assets, without the long delays of data replication and physical consolidation traditionally required to achieve your goal of a unified view of the business. The Cisco Data Virtualization Suite empowers your organization to achieve profitable growth, risk reduction, productivity, and effectiveness.