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Many local governments are facing shrinking revenues and intense public scrutiny, leaving state and local agencies with fewer resources to maintain service levels, while meeting transparency, accountability, and performance demands. This fact is leading many government leaders to look for solutions to help improve their ability to manage costs and reduce waste. Fusion Advantage®®™ provides rapid time-to-value for governments interested in proactively improving their ability to assess and manage data throughout their jurisdiction.

How Local Governments Benefit From Fusion Advantage®™ BI

As a whole, governments collect and manage vast amounts of data, which is often more problematic than solution focused. Collecting data is only the first step. To be useful, data must be organized and analyzed using custom reporting designed for multiple parties who need insights into how they are spending funds, complying with regulatory requirements and improving efficiencies across various divisions. This complexity often leads to painstaking manual processes.
Fusion Advantage®™ business intelligence and data warehouse solutions allow local governments to turn manual reporting processes into easy-to-use customized dashboard and analytic reporting for intelligent decision-making. Local governments are empowered with information designed for their needs.

Public Sector Grants And Funds Management

Business Intelligence Solutions For Government

Cities and local government are under a lot of pressure to use funds wisely, reduce waste and provide transparency to ensure their constituent’s needs are met. Federal stimulus grants are a major income source for the public sector; however, funding requires compliance with stringent federal regulations, a requirement many cities and local governments struggle to meet.
Our Grants and Funds Management data models accelerate the implementation, enabling the public sector’s ability to adapt big data capture practices and comply with regulatory demands fast. This model is also extensible allowing governments to implement data warehouses, business intelligence dashboards and analytics to improve their insight into areas like procurement, finance, accounting and stimulus fund management.
By implementing the Fusion's Grants and Funds Management data models, you can realize benefits for your government or agency like:
• Improved transparency into funds being spent on various departments: police, fire, parks & more
• Removal of IT bottlenecks, empowering departments
• Ease of reporting as regulations change
• Dynamic and ad-hoc reports throughout government
• On-time reporting & accelerated funding
Make your government agency more nimble by gaining control of your data and turning it into insights. Our team of government specialists are here to help you achieve success as regulations change and reporting demands increase.

Public Sector Customer Success - City of Houston

The City of Houston had an immediate need to provide stimulus fund reporting. They needed visibility into their data and business processes for all projects and initiatives that were to receive stimulus funding and fulfill reporting requirements. They realized that using Excel spreadsheets would leave them with a significant headache of large files, many versions of the truth and real difficulty in getting true and easy visibility in a trusted way that would fulfill the regulated requirements.

The City of Houston chose Fusion for ARRA because we were the preferred partner recommended by SAP and SAP labs. Fusion deployed the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise ARRA solution for the City of Houston to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with federal requirements. The ARRA solution included a metric framework, extensible data model and connectors that intelligently aggregate, summarize and present core measures in pre-defined dashboards. This allowed City of Houston to effectively manage ARRA programs to meet program, public, and economic objectives and outcomes; deliver full accountability and transparency; make timely awards and contracts with maximum performance and connect policy to outcomes.

The solution covered all in scope business areas including Grants Management, Purchasing, Projects, Contracts and Jobs data sources. The solution was delivered and fully enabled and live within two months. The City is now able to better plan, manage and budget their business revenue stream that is grants to more efficiently use the funds awarded.