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📈 Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety solutions are ideal for specific conditions or care settings where you want to measure and improve performance against a defined care pathway.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes it difficult for patients to breathe easily. Exacerbation of COPD including worsening emphysema and chronic bronchitis (two main types of COPD) can be costly and have grave outcomes for patients. Our solution helps support clinicians to manage COPD patient populations by providing analytics around preventative care and treatment of COPD.

This solution enables the business and clinicians to access appropriate information at appropriate times resulting in reductions in CHF mortality, length of stay, and administration improvements to timely measurements and follow-up appointments.

This program tracks the times at which medical interventions are performed. This data will help to identify potential barriers and trends in treatment plans once Sepsis protocol begins. The improvement of Sepsis protocol workflows impacts notable hospital KPI’s such as length of stay, readmissions, and mortality rates.

Our Ambulatory Quality solution focuses on two main areas of Ambulatory quality. Population management (preventative care management) and chronic disease management are the focal point of Fusion’s Ambulatory Care analytic solutions. Data, strategy, and collaboration are key to improving the efficacy of care provided to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of managing large patient populations.

This solution provides the reason for readmission and length of stay impact. Statistical data for outpatient surgery is also available. Clinicians will be able to study causes and most frequent reasons for readmissions as well as analyze readmissions by service, treatment, DRG and diagnosis. CMS exclusions and non-CMS custom exclusions can be applied. This solution works across all service lines and the health system for consolidated analytics.


Our Sepsis solution helps you improve compliance with SEP-1. We provide practical recommendations to streamline workflows, improve satisfaction and increase data capture. Using your existing IT tools, we also build a powerful, easy-to-use dashboard that provide patient-level detail for performance improvement

Our comprhensive Stroke soultion provides required Joint Commission measures that are aimed at how well an organization provides care to stroke patients. These measures are necessary to become a level 1 certified Stroke center.

Our Pediatric Respiratory solution delivers analysis of bronchodilator and steroid ordering, drug administration and medication management for patients with a diagnosis of asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. In addition to these primary medications, the solution also provides analytics on antibiotic management for patients categorized with a pneumonia diagnosis.

Despite improvements in surgical techniques, anesthesia, and other medical improvements, Intra and Post-operative care for Colorectal Surgical patients always provide opportunities for advancement. Clinical evidence based practice indicates that proper ERAS protocols improve post-surgical outcomes.

📋 Appropriate Utilization

Appropriate Utilization accelerators are designed to implement best practices based ordering and administration of labs, imaging, medications and other high-cost/high-risk resources.


Every time a line, drain, tube or airway (LDA) is placed in a patient, blood is drawn, medication is administered, there is increased risk for hospital acquired infections, pain, and opportunity for blood loss. These are all considered POKE-R events and they can greatly reduce clinical outcomes and impact patient experience.

Reduce adverse clinical outcomes associated with Vancomycin toxicity such as acute renal failure. Improve times to pharmacist with Vancomycin dosing management.

The Sickle Cell Management solution gives insight to a difficult medical condition to manage. It provides a health network with a broad picture of the management of the Sickle Cell disease population. Including insights into how well patients are receiving care for acute inpatient admissions for Sickle Cell crisis, Pain Management/Opioid Management, Patient Education, Length of Stay, Readmissions, Mortality, and Utilization of Hospital Services.

Management of central lines and foley catheters are important for patient safety. Informatics on how they are managed, trending, volume and utilization by location as well as DRG are critical components to providing better quality.


Fusion's Blood Utilization solution unlocks your organization’s blood products ordering and administration by using your current EHR platform. Our solution is proven to reduce cost, lower risk of hospital acquired infections, reduce readmissions and length of stay.

Imaging services can sometimes be unnecessary. Many times there is clinical pressure to order an imaging study instead of a face-to-face physical exam. Our solution will help to identify bottlenecks in workflow to reduce waste of ancillary imaging resources.

Fusion's Ventilator Management solution utilizes a series of metrics to monitor all aspects of mechanical ventiliation in critical care settings. Ventilation Management metrics help critical care leadership create protocols for the efficient use of Ventilators by managing hours on mechanical vents, planned vs inadvertent extubations, and re-intubations. The information provided allows decision makers to effectively reduce the number of patient ventilator days thus improving clinical outcomes and reducing the cost of a critical care bed.

Patients in the ICU are often the most vulnerable and subject to sudden change. Changes in their conditions are difficult to predict, especially if data is not being utilized. Our solution utilizes several reports giving insight into patient's condition and the steps taken to manage their health.

🏆 Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence solutions focus on improving clinical operations.


Manage access center and provide financial impact due to provider utilization. 1st & 3rd available reporting for compliance reporting, if needed. Pre-authorization works to ensure better revenue cycle management.

Manage provider schedules efficiently and effectively with our Provider Utilization solution. Ensure schedule compliance. Metrics include availability, utilization, bookings and drop outs.

Improve operational efficiency and maximize utilization throughout the hospital to ensure optimal patient flow. Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care while reducing costs with our Patient Flow solution.

Our Cost solution addresses the following:

  • How clinical programs impact your cost structure
  • Integration of cost data
        • Clinical data
        • Operational data
        • Productivity data
  • Impact of clinical programs on cost structure
  • Cost structure and contracting visibility


Retaining one tenured nurse leads to $130K in potential savings. Fusion's Talent Management solution improves the patient experience by improving visibility into productivity, efficiency, and utilization effectiveness. The implementation of this nurse retention program has been proven to increase average nursing retention by over three years.

Emergency Departments have been known for long wait times which can create a wide range of problems. Delays in patient triage, patient waiting times to see the doctor and prolonged discharge times are all issues common in most Emergency Departments. Our solution is built to provide the analytics necessary to identify inefficiencies within ED workflows. In the Emergency Department, seconds can save lives, so speed and efficiency are paramount.

This solution includes the clinical cancellation reasons and PACU boarder time reason analysis. Service and surgeon block utilization are available to improve efficiency of the Operating Room. Other features include room utilization management and best schedules compliance.