Practice Management

Amid rapid consolidation, payment and delivery reform, and ever increasing competition, physician practices struggle to organize and understand the data required to run their business.

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Fusion experts will setup Tableau to directly connect to your existing systems allowing you to monitor and explore key performance indicators with insightful and easy-to-interpret visualizations.

Executive Dashboard

Monitor volume, wait times, clinical care, financials & other key performance indicators. Quickly identify problem areas and track your improvement.

Scheduling Dashboard

Track volume, no-shows, bumps and cancellations. Slice and dice by location, day, time and provider. Identify trends and get ahead of potential problems.

Productivity and Efficiency KPIs
❖ 12 Month Trendline - Variance (Slot Utilization)
❖ Slot Utilization By Location
❖ Slot Utilization By Provider

Tableau is a leading data management and visualization platform built for non-technical users to create and distribute shareable dashboards for collaborative data exploration and analysis. Tableau also offers a comprehensive library of connectors and tools to clean, organize and manage data, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations of any size seeking to quickly understand and leverage their data.