Evolving To Next Generation Analytics – Everyone, All The Time

Business growth, that’s what shareholders demand and healthy organizations must produce to ensure longvity.  Growth demands decision making and innovation at every level. Being an every changing organization demands more data transparency, availability and agility. Everyone needs access to the right information – from the CEO to business analysts, field-based staff, suppliers, and partners. The Fusion Advantage®™ analytics accelerator ensures you reduce time to value by leveraging pre built data models and metrics.

Our practice expertise is focused on delivering SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence (BI) platform customizations enabling your entire organization to share information and make it available enterprise wide – not just for selected processes, applications, or people.

Top 3 Benefits To Business Analytics With Fusion Advantage®™

  • Customizable industry specific data models & analytics
  • Rapid time to value compared to other integrators
  • Decreased infrastructure costs due to the use of SAP Hana and Cisco Data VIrtualization within the data warehouse architecture
  • Improved end user satisfaction based on mobile ready, 24/7 nature of information availability
  • Diverse, easy to use reporting for ad-hoc, templated and customized reporting without the need for IT.