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Fusion Advantage®™ Accelerates Your Pathway To The Future of Analytics

The “big data” push has made efficient and effective information management absolutely crucial to deducing actionable intelligence. This insight is required to remain a leader amidst fierce competition.

Digital information today accounts for over 50% of the aggregate commercial value of a business establishment and is a vital component of a company’s intellectual property assets.

Almost every industry is facing a data management challenge from Real Estate to Energy. This is due to the evolution from gathering data in central repositories for storing and reporting to information management being the platform for long-term corporate value derived from analytical acuity.

In addition to being an SAP Gold Partner, Fusion is certified to sell and implement SAP HANA, the revolutionary and industry leading in- memory big data platform from SAP.

Fusion was an early adopter of the technology and has can now deploy the full Fusion Advantage®™ solution on the HANA platform, powered by Cisco UCS. This architecture enables a true Big Data solution, which can further integrate with Hadoop  – a marriage of blazing analytic speed, flexible modeling and virtually limitless storage.


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