Data Governance

Data Governance – Now You’re In Control Of You Data – Everywhere

As an industry or healthcare executive, you are likely faced with the challenge of streamlining redundant data entry/management tasks across multiple business units.  Without standard business rules and procedures guiding this process, organizations struggle to compete and may not meet regulatory and compliance requirements.  In our experience, business and healthcare leaders are faced with answering key questions like:

  • How can I establish a “maintain once – use everywhere” best practice?
  • How can I reduce costs caused by redundant effort to maintain master data?
  • How can I accelerate availability of up-to-date master data in my business network?
  • How can I get transparency on who has changed what, when and why?

The answer to these business needs is making data governance part of your pathway to successful Master Data Management (MDM).  To accelerate your time-to-value for this investment, we tailor our Fusion Advantage®™ data governance platform to accelerate your organization’s ability to assess, manage, use, maintain and protect enterprise information.

Fusion Advantage®(TM) Master Data Governance Process Flow


Data Governance Enables Collaboration, Standardization and Control

For organizations undertaking a master data management (MDM) project, establishing a data governance process assures your efforts in developing a MDM culture succeed.  Data governance delivers value the following ways:

  • Central hub-based maintenance of master data
  • Workflow-driven processes that are flexible, while ensuring governance and standardization
  • Harmonized user interface, based upon Enterprise Portal or the Business Client
  • Data model and business logic follow the best practices and reuse existing data structures, business validations and various services