Data Profiling

Data Profiling For Better Quality Data & Cross-Functional Use

Fusion Consulting takes a strategic approach to data profiling by using statistical analysis and assessment of the quality of data values within a data set for consistency, uniqueness and logic.

We apply the insights gained to determine how existing data can be used for other purposes, as well as, to provide metrics related to data quality. Many times, metadata does not accurately represent the data set. Fusion is able to identify these inconsistencies and make corrections to ensure the integrity of the data being used for reporting. This process assures our clients of data quality across multiple sources.

Your data profiling process can be greatly accelerated by leveraging the Fusion Advantage®™ pre-built data models.  These increase your time-to-value by incorporating the following:

  • Identify business rules violations and anomalies
  • Define reuse opportunities for existing data
  • Pinpoint data sources/types that may not be usable for other purposes
  • Assess data quality and the relationship between metadata and source data

Data profiling enables you and your organization to assess and determine the health of your data.  Fusion can help you realize this fact by evolving beyond mere data management to data mastery.