Data Warehouse Solutions

The Modern Data Warehouse Solutions Give You Insight & Control

Every industry, from healthcare to multi-national manufacturers need new ways to manage, understand and gain insights from huge volumes of data produced by their operations.  Often leaders are battling the challenge of data management compounded by the necessity of regulatory reporting.

To manage these diverse needs, multiple software systems typically exist to support various operations including: in-patient service lines, disease specific reporting, preventative care initiatives and other specializations.  In our experience, we have helped diverse organizations facing these types of issues affecting operational, customer service and financial reporting integrity.

Top 8 Challenges Companies Experience When Managing Data

Data complexity is multiplied when departmental information is siloed and manual data entry is required and creating reports is equally time consuming due to the lack of data connectivity and collaboration.  In our experience, key challenges organizations encounter around data management include:

Data strategy & Governance

Gain Control & Insights | Fusion Advantage®™ Data Warehouse

To achieve reliable, repeatable reporting and analysis, diverse data sources must be integrated into a single repository known as an enterprise data warehouse. Our approach to this solution is unique because the Fusion Advantage®™ data warehouse is comprised of multiple pre-built data models providing “out-of-box” functionality for key functional areas including:

  • Accelerate time to value: leverage learnings & best practices to implement enterprise data warehouse (eDW) architecture
  • Empower first-line operators with self-service data management: real-time data management(RTDM) layered with user-friendly dashboards reduce dependence on IT and make business users capable.
  • Improve decision making quality: making decisions based on current data, not historical improves insights
  • Leverage all types of data, with stress on IT: data velocity and variety are increasing and users, modern eDW’s enable business users to consolidate a financial, sales, operational and logistical data efficiently with SAP HANA.

The Fusion Advantage®™ data warehouse allows you to evolve your architecture, while improving your time-to-value with our pre-built data models.