Environment Optimization

Reduce Your SAP Maintenance Costs

Accelerate Your Implementation With Fusion Advantage®™

Many large enterprises have relied on SAP solutions for years, or even decades, as a critical part of their IT framework. This embedded relationship makes maintaining these systems a top priority for IT, consuming as much as 74% of their annual budget.  To reprioritize IT budgets and improve total cost of ownership (TCO), we created the Fusion Advantage®™ approach to environment optimization.  Our process benefits you by:

  • Reducing overall maintenance costs associated with older versions of SAP
  • Accelerating the adoption rate of new technology due to improved user experience
  • Capturing advantages accessible to modernized architecture for Big Data challenge
  • Reducing data storage costs – freeing up funds to use for high value Analytics (self funding projects)
  • Improving system performance beyond the limits of your legacy environment

The Result – More IT Budget For High Value Business Goals

In our experience, IT leaders want to modernize, but they are reluctant due to prospective downtime or budget constraints.  Now you can reduce risk and cost – while reclaiming your IT budget with contemporary architecture including: Hadoop, SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects.