Finance & Accounting

Accounting With Visual Analysis | Fusion Advantage®™ Business For Accounting

The accounting function is more critical than ever before as the economy continues recover cautiously. Both private and public enterprises are pursuing “big data” as a source of competitive differentiation and economic value. The Accounting function is the resource for many of these discoveries as they are responsible for managing, analyzing and reporting cash-centric business health.

Rapid Analysis Of Financial And Controlling Functions

To accurately access the health of a business, financial transactions must be considered – i.e. reporting to external stakeholders; as well as controlling transactions related to internal management. Data stored within Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and more are sources available for rapid inclusion within a Fusion Advantage®™ Business for Accounting pre-built data mart with SAP Business Objects™ dashboards and customized ad-hoc reporting.

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Why Implement Fusion Advantage®™ Business For Accounting?

  • Expedite report processing time with consolidated
  • Remove the need for manual report construction with Ad-hoc queries
  • Rapidly deliver business intelligence to key executives on any device
  • Improve reporting accuracy and reduce errors with consolidation
  • Overcome barriers to insightful decision making with access to diverse data sources.