The New Marketing Trend

Insightful Analytics For Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

For many marketing executives and brand managers alike, their role is becoming more quantitatively driven to keep pace with digitally connected, socially networked and better-informed customers. Their decisions must rest on timely analysis for “insightful actions” to influence behavior. This is not news to the marketing suite; however, the proliferation of digital connectivity has created challenges and opportunities that must be addressed.

The Opportunity | Micro-Segmenting To Relevant Customer Groups

Enterprises collect and store data from multiple business operations across the organization, however, the “truth behind the data” rests in the ability of marketing leaders to analyze and attribute customer behavior to sales revenue. The challenge resides in effectively organizing and gleaning insights from enterprise-wide analytics from multiple sources at the speed of “now.” Prospective and existing customers expect more from marketers too. Now communications, offers and advertising must be tailored to smaller and smaller segment groups. These groups are motivated by very personal, intimate understanding of their propensity to buy based on past history and projected future needs. To deliver on this level of customer understanding, marketers rely on pin-pointed customer analysis and ad-hoc reporting providing selective analysis on demand.

“National Advertising Firm Improves Campaign Effectiveness And Customer Loyalty”

Fusion Advantage®™ Business For Marketing suite provides marketers with a set of prebuilt data models and visualization tools to engage with consumers and measure the outcome. Determining marketing tactic attribution is critical to ensuring budgets are spent in the most effective way possible. With Fusion Advantage®™ Business For Marketing, pre-built data models and analytics visualization with SAP Business Objects™ powered by SAP HANA, we enable marketing departments to drive demand, qualify leads, and win customers more efficiently based on real-time consumer insight and targeted action.

Sample Data Visualization For Fusion Advantage®™ Business For Marketing