Improving Operations by Unifying Business Process Visibility

Get There Faster With Fusion Advantage®™ Data Model For SAP

Faster, accessible business insights mean you can defend against risk and capture operational efficiencies. Making this information available and actionable in real time, empowers your frontline employees to avoid risks and capture opportunities by reacting swiftly throughout daily operations.

Fusion is a SAP Gold partner dedicated to bringing optimal performance solutions from SAP to your enterprise. Our Fusion Advantage®™ operational data model accelerates the adoption of business intelligence within your operation, thus reducing your time-to-value.  We leverage SAP HANA, the in-memory platform that combines business events

from operational systems with process-aware analytics to streamline application, analytic, planning, predictive, and sentiment analysis.

Why Choose Fusion Advantage®™ for SAP Operational BI & SAP HANA?

We developed Fusion Advantage®™ operational data models to significantly reduce the time to value for operational business intelligence projects.  This enables enterprises to implement end-to-end business processes quicker.  Now Operational leaders are able to:

  • Tap into information across multiple business processes
  • Proactively detect inefficiencies, opportunities, and threats
  • Compose observable business scenarios for rapid issue resolution.

The result? More Control, More Visibility & Real Time Decision Making

  • Maximize process visibility for faster, better informed decision making
  • Safeguard critical process instances with SLAs and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Proactively identify process bottlenecks, weak spots, and issues with real-time alerts
  • Access and analyze process data with interactive dashboards – on any device