Supply Chain

Business Intelligence In The Supply Chain

Improve Top-Line Revenue & Reduce Risk

Multi-national companies and those which manufacture, sell and ship internationally can benefit from effectively managing their supply chain using business intelligence (BI) software, according to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group.  Primary findings from executives noted the main issues driving BI initiatives in supply chain include:

  • Increased global operations complexity
  • Lack of visibility into the supply chain
  • Necessity to improve top-line revenue
  • Greater exposure to risk in the supply chain, i.e. import/export restrictions and challenges
  • Reduced profit margins due to fluctuating fuel costs and such.

In our experience, business dynamics like these are leading executives to investing in business intelligence so every facet of their organization can clearly understand all the factors that affect their bottom line.  However the challenge to capitalizing these factors often relies on the time-to-value for such an investment.

Our Fusion Advantage®™ Supply Chain data model enables accelerated implementation, reducing time-to-value with pre-built data models and reports curated from nearly a decade of consulting expertise.

By implementing Fusion Advantage®™ supply chain, your enterprise business intelligence will be better, faster.  Here’s what to expect:

  • Accelerated data visualization reporting used to enable informed decision making in the supply chain.
  • Custom data warehouse architecture integrated multiple data types both internal and external to the organization enabling intelligent reporting due to the 360 degree view of supply chain data.
  • Real-time dashboards empower managers and executives with a quick, daily overview of the health of their transportation or supply chain network helping users catch—and solve—problems as they occur.
  • Logistical assessment for factors such as carrier performance with assigned metrics and weighted averages for criteria like on-time delivery, tender acceptance rate, and meeting capacity commitments.
  • Benchmarking compares data on predetermined factors such as logistics or manufacturing timeframes against baselines to get a more complete picture of their performance.

Move to being an empowered enterprise with Fusion Advantage®™ Supply Chain – enable analysis to gain data-driven insights and to speed decision-making.  The result, supply chain that is nimble and responsive.