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As Healthcare Information Strategies Evolve – Business Intelligence & Clinical Intelligence Drive Value

Healthcare reform measures have intensified governmental scrutiny, thereby challenging even the most talented staff and best practices. However, the healthcare industry has lagged other industries in exploiting data to solve these information-intensive issues. According to recent reports, over 80 percent of data in healthcare was unstructured and only 30 percent of hospitals had a clinical data warehouse or data mining solution in place.

Even with the dawn of EHR systems, improving patient communication and insight, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), capturing more data to better manage risk and understand outcomes, healthcare organizations must evolve beyond data collection and basic reporting to actionable insights.

We Help Healthcare Organizations Make Information Actionable & Profitable

A recent McKinsey report noted the healthcare industry could realize $300 billion in annual value by making better use of patient and clinical data. That savings awaits your healthcare organization.

To keep pace with the changing regulatory environment and quality of care initiatives, healthcare organizations must realize a more evolved information strategy and analytics solution. We have verified expertise in healthcare solutions related to the following areas of healthcare need:


By joining forces with Fusion, your health organization will be able to improve data management and insights in key areas noted above. Realize the benefit of proactive information management – as healthy hospitals and healthcare organizations are preparing today to improve quality of care, manage costs, and maintain a strong financial foundation — all while adhering to mandated requirements.

As your partner, we will bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Contact us for a professional assessment of your healthcare information health.