Operational Efficiency

Fusion Health Advantage® | Identify Operational Bottlenecks And Realize Efficiencies

With Fusion Health Advantage® Operational Efficiency analytics framework, providers, managers and quality improvement executives are empowered to expedite their goals by:

  • Create relevant clinical quality insights inclusive of the entire spectrum of the organization for use by analysts to executive level decision makers
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Identify operational bottlenecks
  • Drive consistency into patient care and population health management
  • Accelerate organization and communication of key CMS metrics related to throughput time and events
  • Evaluate and improve CMS metrics sooner for faster problems resolution
  • Improve scheduling to reduce cancellations
  • Increase patient satisfaction by reducing wait times & targeting positive outcomes

Detailed Data Integration With Clinical Sources To Improve Accuracy & Simplify Reporting

How can you realize these key performance improvements? By deploying a Fusion Health Advantage® Operational Efficiency Framework, your time to value for the investment in EHR systems and this project alike are catalyzed by:


  • Pinpoints optimal revenue while expending minimal effort
  • Delivers an analytics platform with integrated metrics to simplify detailed evaluation of operational results
  • Improves ease-of-use with visualization and delivery mechanisms including exploration areas, dashboards, reports and ad-hoc capability using EPIC endorsed tools
  • Delivery including mobility enabled for easier access through devices