Quality of Care

ACO & Payer Organizations Improve Quality Of Care & Regulatory Reporting

Healthcare organizations are going through a technology and data revolution. Pressure from a wide range of sources are forcing both providers and health plans to look at their data and technology investments in new and innovative ways to gain competitive advantage. Accountable Care Organizations, ACO, are looking for ways to share risks for defined populations, and payors desire to reduce costs. ACO’s are also faced with complex CMS reporting and timelines for reimbursement.

To deliver on these key shifts in the healthcare landscape, population health management necessitates data be culled from various inpatient and outpatient source and analytical tools must be applied to assess cost, risk and quality of care. The gap is not in data availability, but in data connectivity. The information exists in silos, and they are not integrated.

An agile enterprise data warehouse (EDW)—particularly one with a late-binding architecture that integrates new sources quickly and easily—is fundamental to data collection and analysis.

Fusion Health Advantage® For Quality Of Care & Compliance Reporting Requirements

Our flexible, late-binding architecture, pre-built data models and analytics give your health organization the power to rapidly define and deploy a customized healthcare enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solution OR optimize the investment your organization has made in EMR and EHR systems like EPIC™ by extending existing analytics tools like Cogito and Clarity. Our approach is platform agnostic – enabling your organization to choose your preferred software tools, while rapidly integrating new data sources, thru the late-binding EDW approach.

Fusion Health Advantage® Clinical & Quality Of Care Analytics Framework

This framework of analytics helps the entire spectrum of the organization creating relevant clinical quality related information inclusive of chief executives, business analysts, report writers and departmental users.

Key Benefits To Fusion Health Advantage® Clinical Quality of Care Analytics:

  • Customized analytics platform with integrated metrics to better facilitate a well-rounded Clinical data set in conjunction with Revenue Cycle.
  • Improved end user ease of use with various visualization and delivery mechanisms including:
  • Exploration areas
  • Dashboards
  • Ad-hoc reporting capability
  • Mobile enabled for hospital or other healthcare setting.