Revenue Cycle Analytics

Improve Coding Efficiency | Reduce Billing Errors | Avoid Financial Risk

Fusion Health Advantage® Revenue Cycle Analytics

How is your healthcare organization performing under the pressure of reporting deadlines and regulatory changes like PQRS Stage 1 and Stage 2, CMS reporting complexities and other funding and reimbursement sources?

With deadlines looming and government fines pending, there is no place for time consuming, manual consolidation efforts and inaccuracies. Revenue cycle reporting requires more than just a spreadsheet, now information from many sources within the organization must be compiled to produce actionable, insightful reporting.

Fusion Consulting brings healthcare organizations solutions for accelerating their pathway to Revenue Cycle analytics with our customizable pre-built framework, Fusion Health Advantage® Revenue Cycle Solution.

How The Fusion Health Advantage® Revenue Cycle Solution Helps

Fusion believes in helping our clients move beyond painful reporting limitations into insightful decision making for optimal revenue.

  • Accelerate revenue reporting automation with our Fusion Health Advantage® Revenue Cycle analytics framework
  • Improve cost analysis and profitability throughout the healthcare organization from departmental end-users to executives.
  • Minimize effort and staff requirements for CMS reporting and similar regulatory driven requirements.
  • Increase “coding” accuracy & efficiency by eliminating the need to re-bill
  • Empower end-users with revenue-related visualization capabilities including exploration areas, dashboards, reports and ad-hoc capability
  • Ignite proactive decision making with daily-visibility for senior executives to evaluate, analyze and proactively execute actions, and mitigate possible challenges related to cash flow and exposure.
  • Deliver revenue related information to mobile devices for real-time insights to improve population health.