Clinical Research

Clinical-Trails (1)Business Intelligence For Clinical Research

Turning Raw Trail Data Into Discrete and Informative Intelligence

The era of New Health has placed many pharmaceutical companies and medical research organizations under tremendous pressure to cut costs and time of drug development.  This dynamic can negatively influence research and data quality, leading to further complexities.
Fusion’s Health Advantage™ suite of pre-built data marts leveraging SAP® Business Objects™ remedies this state by enabling clinical managers to easily and effectively navigate clinical research, while sustaining data integrity and accuracy.

Fusion Health Advantage® Gives You Faster, More Reliable Trial Data

Clinical executives and trial managers alike can view critical research data by leveraging the native capabilities of Fusion Health Advantage® and SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions to offer clinical quality measurement and integrated clinical and financial reporting – including pre-built data apps and <<#>> quality measures.  Since data plays such an important role, it is logical that faster access to reliable clinical trial data can improve decision making and accelerate overall clinical development.

Key Advantages to Employing Fusion Health Advantage® For SAP Business Objects Include:

  • Improve Regulatory reporting
  • Capture Clinical Trial analytics (i.e.
  • Uncover hidden information with keyword searches and exploration tools
  • Make better decisions based on secure, easy-to-understand data
  • Get anytime, anywhere BI on your preferred mobile device
  • Gain insights with intuitive, interactive dashboards and what-if analysis
  • Auto-generate reports and share them by email and other familiar formats
  • Speed time-to-value with rapid deployment options

Clinical research is an industry that is fast requiring interactive analytical and decision making solutions to support the evolution of advanced clinical trial designs such as adaptive trials, which requires time reduction from data-in-the-database to the analysis of the data.  Look to Fusion Health Advantage® as your solution for clean, easy-to-use clinical trial analysis and reporting.