Fusion Consulting – Mining Industry Analytics

The Art Of The Possible: Making It Happen

Mining companies need easy access to and insight into organizational data to be effective. All departments and functions including Financial, Operational and Workforce information, Exploration, Projects, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Safety, Security, Legal, Treasury, Insurance and Risk Management, Human Resources, Internal Audit and Corporate Development.

However all too often these organizations are frustrated by systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), custom built solutions and proprietary sources of data that effectively support the processes of the organization but do not easily yield insight into the information they contain. Workarounds involve manual effort and heavy use of Excel to integrate, associate and analyze the data. As a result the organization struggles to be pro-active while the available tools and technology inhibit their effectiveness at the task in hand. The leadership team is also affected, as they cannot easily gain the insight they need to provide direction and support to their staff. The organization becomes dependent on a small number of staff that effectively become the ‘data gurus’ or ‘report generation center’ and kept so busy by requests for analysis and reports that inevitable delays occur with responses to requests for information or new reports running to days, weeks or even months.

Fusions Mining Industry Analytics Solution

For these reasons and more Mining companies are selecting Fusions Mining Industry Analytics solution, leveraging SAP Business Objects software to more effectively support the business and provide for an easier, more self service approach for reporting and analysis.

Fusions Mining Industry Analytics solution provides easy insight into company information, structured within the organizations Operational Strategies and enabling the organization to take advantage of;

  • Trending analysis for Production (operational) with Revenue – provides ROI.
  • Drill down capabilities linking revenue data with operational and contracts. Improves communications between marketing and operations.
  • Focus on key value drivers of the business
  • Maximization of mine site businesses
  • Provide both operational and strategic KPIs
  • Safety KPIs (examples)
    • Number of incidents
    • Number of LTI (Long Term Injury)
    • Number of HiPo (High Potential Incidents)
  • Production KPIs (examples)
    • Strip ratio
    • Moved tons per day
    • Hauled mineral to crusher
  • KPIs are metrics that should focus the management team on the key value drivers of the business
  • Balance between leading and lagging indicators and across strategies is essential to Success
  • Managerial Dashboards

Fusions Mining Industry Analytics solution includes front end dashboards and reports, an extensible data model, metric framework and connectors, which will draw on any source of data in the organization.

The new market realities and dynamics that Mining companies face require the ability to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly. Fusion & SAP solutions provide this clarity – and enable the effective management of business performance at both the enterprise and operational levels based on easily available business information.