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Solutions-Oil&GasTrack Rig Activity, Forecast Production & Foresee Risks

The trend toward harnessing the power of “Big data” presents important opportunities for improving the efficiency, safety, productivity and cost-effectiveness of oil and gas operations – while supporting compliance requirements. Yet these benefits are saddled with an array of operational technology challenges, often impeding the use of information for operational gains. For example, Oil & Gas operations need ways to cleanse and verify data generated by sensors on equipment and in wells, as erroneous data can lead to poor conclusions during surveillance and impair decisions based on models.

Several aspects of energy operations stand to benefit from a throughout implementation of information management for more effective reporting and analytics. These include:

  • Operations – analysis and reporting on current rig activity
  • Forecasting well production & exploration – analysis and reporting exploratory findings to forecast for Rig activity and related cross functional predictive analysis
  • Right of Way construction & maintenance analysis
  • Supply Chain – analysis of inventory related to an audit and rig count by region resulting in better alignment in supply chain
  • Safety & Quality Control – supporting risk management and event analysis