Making Retail Competitive | Instant Insights Into Consumer Demand

Retailers are experiencing a revolution with the adoption of mobile shopping and the emergence of online start-up’s. To ensure your wallet share stays competitive, we developed the rapid delivery, Fusion Advantage®™ Retail Analytics framework leveraging data visualization capabilities of the SAP® Business Objects™ On-Shelf Availability Analysis application.

Now you can analyze current demand – and prevent future out-of-stock situations using an intuitive, role-based dashboard built upon the comprehensive data model of our Retail Analytics Framework.

Consumer Products Manufacturers Win With In-Store Insights:

  • On-Shelf Availability Analysis includes an intuitive dashboard that aggregates retail point-of-sale data, internal information about shipments, internal and retail inventory levels, and trade
    promotion information to provide a holistic picture.
  • Anticipate & Prevent out-of-stock situations with their retail customers with more accurate demand analysis and on-self insights
  • Identify Problem Points & Improvement Areas – such as forecast accuracy, on-time delivery, and case fill rates – and how effectively you are introducing products into distribution.
  • Visualize Emerging Trends such as lost sales in a high-revenue, high-margin sales territory or an unfavorable ratio of total sales to lost sales.

Fusion Advantage®™ Retail Analytics Use Case

An executive review reveals that while sales and overall margins seem to be slightly behind the plan, lost sales seem to be increasing rapidly. The executive examines influencers and sees that trade promotion lift has been higher than expected while case fill rates and distribution percentages are lower than planned.

Further review of the product impact shows that stock-outs appear to be most severe in a high-margin category in the south region. Moreover, the executive notices that the problem is most pronounced in a certain trade segment, with sharp increases in stock- outs for a few key customers.

Identify Problems Now – Create Solutions Instantly

Once your executives have identified an issue requiring further exploration, your brand, category, or account manager can access a root cause analysis view through the dashboard. Here the employee can view general trends and drill down on more information to pinpoint problems that could be causing out-of-stock situations. Search and navigation features allow you to drill deeper to understand causal drivers at the region, category, or account level. This helps you understand whether a problem lies with the supplier, the manufacturer, or the retail customer.