Congenital Heart Defect

Date: 22/12/23

Increase surgical volume, optimize surgery ratio, address patient loss…

One out of a hundred babies have a congenital heart defect and roughly 40,000 children are born a year with CHD. It is the leading cause of deaths due to birth defects. This defect can affect the structure or the way the heart functions. The defect ranges from mild to medium to severe. Severe conditions require surgery immediately and may require lifelong attention. Optimal care varies from occasional monitoring to aggressive interventions based on patient condition specifics.

Answer Important Questions About Congenital Heart Defect

Our solution allows you to identify and contact CHD patients who need follow-up care or additional intervention. This both improves patient lives and creates new revenue for your hospital or health system. A combination of data mining and improved physician workflows both improve management of your CHD population and reduce the manual effort required by your specialists.

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