Personalized Success in Your Healthcare Analytics Journey

At Fusion Consulting, we understand that your journey in healthcare analytics is unique and filled with challenges. This is why we’ve tailored the Fusion Health Advantage, a data model specifically designed for you in the healthcare sector. It’s not just a tool; it’s your roadmap to achieving excellence in healthcare management and patient care.

Your Fusion Health Advantage:

Our Fusion Health Advantage data model is your key to unlocking the true potential of healthcare analytics. It’s a framework crafted with your needs in mind, ensuring that every piece of data translates into meaningful, actionable insights that drive operational efficiencies and enhance patient outcomes.

Our Team, Your Partners:

  1. Clinicians and Physicians: We work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring our solutions resonate with your clinical expertise and enhance your patient care efforts.
  2. Clinical Informatics Specialists: Your clinical insights are invaluable. Combined with our data science expertise, we ensure that every solution is clinically relevant and technologically advanced.
  3. Data Architects: Your healthcare data is precious. Our architects safeguard its integrity, building scalable and secure systems tailored to your needs.
  4. Solution Architects: Imagine a world where every analytics solution is crafted to fit your objectives perfectly. Our solution architects make that world a reality.
  5. Visualization Experts: We turn complex data into clear, intuitive visuals, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Why This Should Matter to You:

  • Realizing Your Goals: The perfect blend of talent and technology is essential for turning your healthcare data into meaningful outcomes.
  • Guaranteeing Your Success: Our team’s diverse expertise covers every aspect of healthcare data analytics, ensuring your journey is smooth, effective, and successful.
  • Empowering Your Innovation: Stay ahead in healthcare with our evolving methods and tools, designed to keep you at the forefront of innovation.


The Fusion Difference is about understanding and addressing your unique challenges in healthcare analytics. With Fusion Consulting as your partner, you’re equipped with the best in expertise and technology, ensuring that your journey in healthcare analytics leads to the success and innovation you deserve.

Operating Room Efficiency

Monitor performance indicators and OR utilization throughout the organization.

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Capacity Management

Track and manage patient flow and length of stay by unit, hospital and system.

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Congenital Heart Defect

Drive up your surgical volumes, maximize surgeon utilization, adjust your marketing plan and avoid missing out on potential patients.

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Restart Revenue Recovery

Identify scheduling priorities and opportunities based on post-crisis patient flow protocols.

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Talent Management

Increase average Nurse retention by over three years.

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Practice Management

Make data-driven decisions for your patients and focus on mission-critical functions.

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COVID-19 Crisis Management

Manage COVID-19 testing, cases, occupancy, employee health and resources with Plug & Play Analytics.

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